Q: Are you local?
Yes, we are based in Eugene, Oregon. Locally owned & operated... true grass roots at it’s best!

Q: Where does the produce come from?
We get our produce from Organically Grown Company here in Eugene with same day delivery to you. We try to use organic farms from Oregon and the PNW, whenever possible. Some of our produce does come from overseas, such as our bananas and other fruits, which sets us apart from most CSA’s. By packing produce from other places, such as México, we can provide you with vegetables or tropical fruits that you would not receive from other CSA’s. :)

Q: What comes in the boxes?
100% certified organic fruits and vegetables. Usually about 5-7 different varieties of vegetables and 4-5 different varieties of fruits depending on the season and availability. Some items you can always count on in your box are: bananas, apples (the variety will differ), lettuce, and tomatoes. The rest of the items will differ. :)

Q: What days do you deliver?
Currently, we deliver on Thursdays between 4:00 pm – 7:30 pm.

Q: Are you seasonal or year round?
We are year round with local seasonal produce as it becomes available. We always buy local when we can.

Q: How much & how often?
$34.00-$55.00 depending on your selection.  Visit the Sign Me Up  page for all the details. How often, depends on what your preferences are. We offer weekly or every other week delivery options.

Q: How many people do the boxes feed?
The small box feeds about 1-2  people, the medium box feeds 3-4 and the large is great for 5-6 people – these are for weekly deliveries.

Q: Where do you deliver?
We deliver in the Eugene/Springfield/Junction City area. If you live outside of our delivery area, we can either deliver to an alternative location, or work out some arrangement with you.

Q: Can I choose what is in my box?
We choose the produce, however you can tell us what you do not want (up to 4 items) and we will add extra approved items to complete your box. We make sure you get a nice variety and have top quality produce every week. We post our “menu” every week by Monday morning. If there are items on the “menu” that you do not wish to receive, contact us by Tuesday morning and we will happily substitute that item with another item from the week’s menu.

Q: How do I sign up?
You can sign up for service on our website (Sign Me Up), by email (Homegrowndelivery@gmail.com) or by calling us at 541.654.4494

Q: Do I get anything for referring friends?
Yes! but make sure they let us know who referred them or we can’t reward you! Once the new customer signs up you will get credit for one free delivery of your standard order!